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 Feature 》

In July 2002, NUK college of law was established to balance the education of law between northern and southern Taiwan. The college of law shows the feature of southern Taiwan and fits the trend of globalization. We wish to breed the legal professionals with the skill of practicing law and doing research by international academic exchanges and cooperation with governments and corporations.



There are three departments composing college of law. In August 2000, Department of Law and Department of Government and Law were established. Department of Economic and Financial Law was established in 2001. Finally, College of Law was established in 2002. In addition, the postgraduate program has been recruiting students since 2001 and part-time postgraduate program has been recruiting students since 2003. By the means of these lifetime education, the education of law can be spread. Moreover, in order to coordinate the legal academic development, we also found the research centers of human right, civil law, public law, international relationship and economic and financial law. In a conclusion, the framework of college of law is going to be complete.

At present, we have 27 full-time faculty members, including 8 professors, 14 associate professors and 5 assistant professors, and 1,074 students are currently enrolled in their classes(145 Master program students and 997 undergraduates). All faculties have Ph.D degrees in different professional fields, such as Law, Political Science, and Financial Law. Furthermore, most of our faculties’ ages are 40 to 50.

After NUK college of law established, we invited some scholars and experts, such as Professor Jerome A.Cohen, Mr. Yueh-Sheng Weng and some commissioners of legal examination to give speech. Moreover, the government and some organizations cooperated with us to hold several seminars to discuss the law theory and how to practice it. Furthermore, we signed the academic exchange protocols with Pacific McGeorge University school of law, Okayama University school of law and Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin school of law.

Despite the outstanding faculties and academic activities, we have advanced facilities for students. The Law building was completed in 2005 and college of law was moved in on February 2005. This Law building provides some spaces for students, such as moot court, law consulting center, classrooms, and laboratories. In the future, we plan to build the e-environment so that the facilities for education of law can be more complete.


 Target of Curriculum 

Under the plentiful resources of education, we plan the curriculum and do the research with the following goals:

1. Conform to the spirit of NUK which is to develop the education of law and the analysis of policy in southernTaiwan.

2. Fit in with what technological industries and development of country need and breed the legal professions with comprehensive knowledge.

3.Use the moot court and facilities of law building as well as the resource of Courts in southern Taiwan to train students with the skill of linking withtheory and practice of law.



1. Breeding the legal professions with comprehensive knowledge

In order to breed the legal professions with comprehensive knowledge, every department enhances the teaching of practice of law and research.We also teach students with professional and practicable means.

2. Comprehensive courses.

In the curriculum, we provide comprehensive courses for students gaining diverse knowledge. In order to achieve the goal, we focus on the planning of course, the quality of professors.

3. International academic exchanges

In NUK college of law, we promote the international academic exchanges and follow the international legal development by integrating every department in college of law.

4. Focusing on integrating different courses with legal studies.

We not only focus on the traditional legal courses, such as Civil Law and Public Law, we also provides some legal subjects integrated with technology and finance. Information and Technology Law, Environmental Law and Business and Financial Law are the courses we are focusing on now.

5. Strengthening the research of every research center to tie in the development of NUK.

Due to the high interest in Law from the public, we not only provide the undergraduate and postgraduate programs, but also provide the part-time undergraduate and postgraduate programs for the public. Moreover, several research centers cooperate with the academic development of NUK to do the research. We wish to provide a complete education of law to the Public.