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Last amended by the editorial board of National University of Kaohsiung Law Journal according to the decision content on 19 May 2010

Article 1
The National University of Kaohsiung Law Journal (hereinafter, NUK Law Journal), starting from its 6th volume, publishes 2 issues per year, in March and September respectively.

Article 2
Manuscripts of academic articles on law, political science and law, economic and financial law, case analysis, book reviews etc. are all invited.

Article 3
Manuscripts in Chinese and other languages are acceptable. Please include 5 keywords, and an abstract of less 500 words in both Chinese and English. For translated articles, contributors must include a copy of the original article and the author’s written authorization.

Article 4
Please refer to the citation format for more details. Manuscripts must be typewritten, in Microsoft Office (word 2003 or above). 3 hard copies should be sent to the editorial board (please delete those parts which imply the author(s) for reviewing use) The electrical format edition please email to Manuscripts should include the author’s name in both Chinese and English, institution served, current occupation, address and telephone number.

Article 5
For digital achieves, authors should submit copyright license agreements with manuscripts. If authors fail to do so, manuscripts submitted will not enter into the process of external review.

Article 6
If a manuscript is written by more than one author, please state the order of authorship and attach a written consent of all authors to submit the manuscript.

Article 7
The composition of a manuscript should be the following and arranged in order: the title of the manuscript, author’s name, current job title and highest education, contents, abstracts, keywords, main text including footnotes, appendices and references, in Chinese and English respectively (as applicable).

Article 8
Manuscripts submitted should be reviewed anonymously and bi-directionally; contributors will be notified of the opinions and results timely by written forms. Having been accepted, the manuscript will be published. Once a manuscript is withdrawn after the beginning of the review process, NUK Law Journal will regard it as a decision of refusal.

Article 9
Manuscripts submitted elsewhere simultaneously, or published elsewhere will be rejected for publication, unless being presented in conference and agreed by NUK Law Journal.

Article 10
The author(s) should comply with copyright law and other related regulations. Once a manuscript is published, responsibility for the paper rests upon its author(s). In principle, NUK Law Journal provides no payment for contributions; however, 20 off-prints will be supplied to the author(s) free of charge.

Article 11
Manuscripts should be sent to “The editorial board of NUK Law Journal”, College of Law, National University of Kaohsiung, No. 700, Kaohsiung University Rd., Nanzih District, Kaohsiung City 81148, Taiwan, R.O.C. Furthermore, please also email to